Welcome to the Churches Of the Promised Land official web site.

    The mission of the Churches Of The Promised Land is to be a home that receives all people with LOVE, able to embrace every need and situation through Biblical Application, the Dissemination of Information, and Demonstration of Spiritual Principles. 

    It is our primary objective to be a venue for the total Transformation of lives, the saving of souls, and the Spiritual Empowerment of the body of Christ.

     We challenge you to Engage and Commit your spiritual gifts to the furtherance of the Ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as we TOGETHER enter into the Land of Promise.

(Note: Challenge = to invite somebody to participate in a fight, contest, or competition, to dare somebody to do something, to stimulate somebody by making demands on the intellect, requiring someone to produce proof of who they say they are.)  

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Installation of the Presiding Bishop- Washington DC Empowerment Weekend 2006
Inaugural Banquet-Washington DC              View Photos
Episcopal Consecration \ Incardination  Washington DC  View Photos
Grand Opening House Of God Worship Center - Hampton VA View Photos
1st Annual Conference - "Reviving The Family" in Newport News VA. View Pictures
2nd Annual Conference - "Reviving The Family" in Newport News VA. View Pictures View Photos
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Congratulations to our new 44th President of the United States of America

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